On-site fire extinguisher training

Do you or your employees know how to use a fire extinguisher?

What would happen if a fire started on your business premises?
Would you know what to do?
Would you know where to go?
Would you know what type of fire extinguisher to use and how to use it effectively?

The training format...

...gives delegates an understanding of how an extinguisher works. Increases confidence in handling the weight, action and noise of a fire extinguisher. Real flame experience where circumstances permit with a safe, propane filled training rig. No mess, quick set up and pack away. Hands on fire extinguisher experience gives staff the confidence they will need in an emergency.

(See below for images of our Fire Training Rig in action)

Training also includes...

A Power Point Presentation giving instruction on What to do in the event of Fire, How a Fire Works, Different types of Fire and how they can be extinguished. A further presentation is also available specific to Fire Wardens

Prices start from £295+VAT

For up to 15 people including use of our Portable Training Rig

Our Fire Training Rig in action...

           BS5306:PART 3    PORTABLE EXTINGUISHER              MAINTENANCE

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